8 Reasons Why You’ll LOVE Our New Website

Written by Michelle Ritchie

We’re excited to announce that we have a new (and vastly improved) website! Maybe we’re just a bit over excited...but we think you’ll like it too. What is so thrilling about our new site? Lots of things! Here’s what you’ll find…

  1. Get Faster Service
    One of the biggest things about our new website is that it’s much faster. Our prior site was slowing down considerably in its (very) old age. Now you can find what you want and make purchases much more quickly and easily.
  2. Shop More Easily
    On our new Shop page, you’ll find lots of nifty new benefits. Are you a consistent buyer of Go Raw products? Sign up for a subscription and get 5% off every order! We’ve also added filtering so you can find the type of product you want in seconds, whether it’s something with 10g+ protein, 0g added sugar, or something chocolatey.
  3. Enjoy Tasty Recipes
    We love food! And we love cooking. And trying new recipes. And especially eating. Our team is constantly coming up with new, healthy(ish), and tasty ways to use our products in recipes. You’ll find them all on our new Recipes page. Have a great recipe you’d like us to consider posting? Just reach out to us via our Contact Us page page.
  4. Learn Why We Sprout
    We’re super excited to share our fun (at least we think so!) new animated video on our Why Sprouted page, which shows you how we process our seeds. We also go into detail about the healthy benefits of sprouting and why we do what we do. Check it out!
  5. Snack Better with Go Raw
    We definitely enjoy indulging from time to time (feel free to salivate over our Fudgy Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Truffle Bites). Most of the time though, we do our best to support healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Learn more on our Snack Better page.
  6. Learn More About Us
    Our updated About Us page will give you lots of great info about our mission, our product philosophy, our California-based manufacturing facility, and our team. In fact, you’ll even see a photo of the team (at least those who weren’t too camera shy).
  7. Get Your Questions Answered
    We’ve expanded our list of frequently asked questions. Check out our FAQs page to get answers to all your burning questions (well, at least most of them). Don’t see a question or answer you want to see? Simply reach out to us via our Contact Us page page to let us know.
  8. Get Insider Access to the Latest News
    If you’re reading this, you’ve already found our Blog page. We’re happy you’ve made it here. It’s a little empty now, but come back again soon for great content, including healthy tips, news on new product launches, and much more.


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  • paula on

    I purchased your products because I noticed there was a sale on the sea salt and cracked pepper variety. I was not at all familiar with your company one way or the other. I have been a vegetarian since 1973 and then delighted to see all the wonderful products on offer now. I am why didn’t you because I purchased one unit of these great sprouted seeds salad toppers and I cannot stop eating them. This is probably the most amazing solid products I have discovered ever. Healthy nutritious and so tasty I literally cannot stop eating them.

    What a game changer in a wonderful wonderful way. I am so grateful to your company for putting this out there to create windows and I hope to try all of the products all of the salad toppers. Thank you again for bringing such a marvelous and healthy product to the market

  • Maroulio on

    We love your products and always buy the large bags of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds as we use them every day. My favourite cookie is the lemon one.

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