Sprouted Seeds

Go Raw Sprouted Seeds have 6-9 grams plant-based protein per serving, great-tasting flavor, and a light, crunchy texture. They are handcrafted using only a few, simple, high-quality ingredients. The perfect snack...or to add flavor, protein, and crunch to your avocado toast, soup, salad, trail mix, and yogurt.


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Go Raw Pumpkin Sprouted Seeds

Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

$79.99 $89.94
Go Raw Super Simple Sprouted Seeds

Sprouted Super Simple Seeds

$79.99 $89.94
Go Raw Spicy Fiesta Sprouted Seeds

Sprouted Spicy Fiesta Seeds

$79.99 $89.94
Go Raw Mixed Sprouted Seeds

Sprouted Mixed Seeds

$79.99 $89.94