Learn About the Benefits of Sprouting
Learn About the Benefits of Sprouting

Why sprouted

Sprouted Process

In nature, sprouting is how seeds germinate and start to grow into plants. Seeds contain all the nutrients they need for this process, yet remain dormant until they're activated by water. Go Raw’s soaking and sprouting process mimics this natural germination process and “activates” our seeds to provide many benefits. Watch our video to learn more:


Sprouting also helps break down phytic acid—a natural plant compound often called an “anti-nutrient” due to its negative effects on mineral absorption. When we sprout our seeds, it essentially helps unlock their nutrients, making these nutrients easier for your body to absorb.
Sprouting Improves Nutrition


Some people have a tough time digesting seeds. However, when you sprout seeds, the resulting enzyme activity begins to pre-digest (or break down) the starches found in seeds, making it much easier for your stomach to digest and handle seeds.
Sprouting Makes Seeds Easier to Digest


After being sprouted, Go Raw seeds are then gently dehydrated—not roasted or fried—using a special low-heat dehydration process that helps bring out our seeds’ delicious flavor and gives them a satisfyingly light and crunchy texture.
Sprouting Gives Seeds a Light, Crunchy Texture


At Go Raw, we strive to make simple, tasty, sprouted snacks you’ll love—with the essential nutrients, plant-based protein, and natural energy you need to live your best “sprouted” life. Shop Now
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