Benefits of Sprouting

The Amazing (and Healthy!) Benefits of Sprouting


Written by Valerie Popelka

What is sprouting?

In nature, seeds—which are packed with beneficial nutrients—remain dormant or inactive until they are exposed to the right growing conditions. Sprouting is a way to mimic these conditions to “activate” seeds so they can germinate. At Go Raw we have developed a proprietary process of washing and soaking our seeds in a temperature controlled environment to sprout them. But why do we sprout our seeds? Three simple (and highly beneficial) reasons.
  1. Increases Seeds’ Nutrition.
    When a seed begins to germinate, beneficial enzymes are produced that turn nutrients stored in the seed into food. It is this with which the seed uses to grow. This process breaks down carbohydrates, converting some into protein1. With fewer carbohydrates, this ultimately creates a more nutrient dense seed.
  2. Improves Nutrient Absorption.
    Seeds contain many essential nutrients including phosphorus, which is stored as phytic acid. However, phytic acid has been shown to inhibit the absorption of iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and manganese2. Soaking and sprouting seeds breaks down phytic acid and increases the bioavailability of the seeds’ beneficial nutrients so your body can better reap the benefits. In other words, it “unlocks” the nutrients so you can better absorb them. How cool is that!
  3. Easier on your digestive system.
    Have you ever eaten seeds and have them not fully digest? Or have them upset your stomach? It could be that your gut is having difficulty digesting the seeds due to their fiber content. Enzymes released during the sprouting process actually “predigest” the seeds, making them easier for your stomach to handle3.

After Go Raw seeds are sprouted, they are dehydrated using a special low-heat dehydration process that helps bring out our seeds’ delicious flavor and gives them a satisfyingly light and crunchy texture.

Visit our Why Sprouted page to learn how we sprout and dehydrate our seeds or watch the video below.

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How do you guarantee your products are free of pathogens? I used to love sprouts but they top the list of products tied to recalls for bacterial pathogens and before I purchase these I want to make sure they are safe.

Larry Lovelin
Larry Lovelin

I have been buying your sprouted seeds for years.. . Each store one by one store stopped stocking them so….now I buy them on line for a box of the “mixes seeds” ……and now I have tried your sprouted lemon energy bars….“Good”! Larry


I totally agree that sprouting is healthy so I don’t understand why you stopped sprouting buckwheat. Kind of ruined my breakfast.

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