5 Delicious and Healthy(ish) Dessert Recipes

5 Delicious and Healthy(ish) Dessert Recipes

Written by Dana Plucinski

These days more than ever we’ve been craving the comfort of sweets. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite healthy(ish) dessert recipes that hit the spot while also providing some unexpected nutritional value. Go ahead and treat yourself! :-)

  1. Crispy Rice & Seed Treats
    Making (and eating!) rice krispie treats brings back such sweet memories of being a kid and spending time in the kitchen with family. These Crispy Rice & Seed Treats are the same nostalgic fave you remember, with a few modern twists. By incorporating Sprouted Mixed Seeds, we added extra flavor, crunch, protein, and vitamins. Plus, you can make these totally vegan if you use plant-based marshmallows.
Crispy Rice & Seed Treats
  1. Superfruit & Mixed Seeds Chocolate Bark
    Chocolate bark is one of our favorite desserts because it’s so easy to make, yet feels extra special to eat. Our Superfruit & Mixed Seeds Chocolate Bark is sweet, salty, fruity, and so delicious that you’ll forget it’s also loaded with antioxidants! With luscious dark chocolate, goji berries, blueberries, coconut, and our Sprouted Mixed Seeds, this is truly a treat that’s both nutritious and great-tasting.
Superfruit & Mixed Seeds Chocolate Bark
  1. Vegan Chocolate Mousse
    A rich and creamy vegan mousse is hard to come by...and one that’s got actual nutritional value is especially rare. Our recipe goes above and beyond by blending our Sprouted Mixed Seeds into the mousse, adding a secret source of plant-based protein while creating a perfectly velvety texture. Because this mousse is sweetened with maple syrup rather than refined sugar, this is a sweet treat that’s lower on the glycemic index than typical alternatives, and the extra protein will prevent this dessert from spiking your blood sugar.
Vegan Chocolate Mousse
  1. Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups
    Chocolate and peanut butter (especially in bite-size cups!) are a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, people with peanut allergies are not able to enjoy them. So, we set out to create a great nut-free option with a perfectly delicious balance of rich sweet chocolate and salty seed butter. These mini desserts are also vegan, and sweetened naturally with maple syrup, making these a win-win-win.
Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups
  1. Magic Bars
    As soon as you take a bite of these, you’ll understand why we call them Magic Bars. Chocolate, coconut caramel, shredded coconut, and the three kinds of Sprouted Seeds in our Mixed Seeds combine to form a sweet, salty, crunchy, chocolatey, and caramel-y treat of your dreams. It’s hard to believe these are totally vegan!
Magic Bars

Do you have any dessert favorites you’ve made with our sprouted seeds? We’re sure the Go Raw community would love to hear about them!

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