Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

5 Recipes That Make the Most of Your Pantry Items

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Written by Dana Plucinski

These days, home-cooked meals are about making use of what's already in your pantry to create the most delicious and nutritious dishes possible. Here are some of our favorite recipes that require a minimal number of ingredients and ingredients you likely already have in your pantry.

  1. Sprouted Mixed Seeds Butter
    Mixed seeds butter requires just one ingredient—our Sprouted Mixed Seeds! When the sprouted sunflower, watermelon, and pumpkin seeds are blended together, they make a creamy, complex butter that’s a nutritious addition to toast, crackers, veggie plates, desserts, and more.
Sprouted Mixed Seeds Butter
  1. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
    This salad is one of our favorite recipes we’ve ever developed. While you may not have every ingredient the recipe calls for, you probably have *most* on hand already. This tasty dish relies on many pantry staples like quinoa, olives, dates, vegetable broth, and red onions to create a well-rounded flavor profile. If you don’t have fresh herbs, don’t stress—get creative with the dried spices in your pantry.
Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
  1. Sprouted Seed & Cheese Crisps
    If you have cheese and Sprouted Seeds, you can make this super savory, protein-dense snack! Just beware—these crispy, crunchy bites are so good, they’ll be gone before you know it.  :-)
Sprouted Seed & Cheese Crisps
  1. Swirled Chocolate Bark
    Our three-ingredient chocolate bark is a super simple treat that will surely sweeten up your day. All you need is semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and Go Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds to make this sweet and salty, crowd-pleasing dessert.
Swirled Chocolate Bark Recipe
  1. Carrot Top Pesto
    Before you throw your carrot tops in the compost, hang tight! Not only are the greens loaded with vitamins and nutrients, but they can also be made into a delicious pesto if you don’t have fresh basil on hand.
Carrot Top Pesto


Do you have any great recipes that make good use out of your basic pantry items? Please add a comment below to share your ideas with the Go Raw community.

1 comment

Sandi Cornez
Sandi Cornez

I make carrot top pesto with celery leaves, and mixed spicy greens using dehydrated raw organic sunflower seeds, herbs, 1 tsp of cold-pressed olive or sesame seed oil, and 5 TBSP of pure filtered water. It is delish., I also make carrot/parsnip pesto similar recipe. I would also recommend for healthy nutritious raw recipes and other nutrition information for your readers. For your Sprouted seeds which I will order mid May with some other delights, I recommend instead of using dairy cheese, use raw organic plant based real whole food cheese made with dehydrated raw organic sprouted walnuts and raw organic pine nuts. Pine nuts make the cheese creamy. No need to oook. Kids love it and the human body loves it too because all the nutrients are intact.

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